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The most effective medium that allows Maximum involvement with your consumer

Targeting individual or to a group Maximum innovation through its flexibility in your communication exercises is The Internet

What is driving the boom
- Accessibility
- Available in over the country already
- Convergence through TV / Mobiles
- Cybercafe: making it as popular as a next door hangout Affordability
- Reduced prices of connectivity
- Cybercafe rates more & more affordable
- Offices / institutes permanently connected through leased lines at low rates


General Guidelines
Banner advertising rates are priced on cost per thousand page views or on monthly rates and vary - based on sections, targeted placement and quantity of page views per month.
Recognised agencies receive a 15 per cent discount on the gross rate. All rates listed are gross. All insertion orders are subject to's Standard Terms and Conditions for Advertising. reserves the right to modify rates at any time. Rates vary based on volume of monthly page views required.


Placing Advertisements on
To obtain a price quote or place an advertising order, contact the by email at or All advertising requires a signed insertion order and is subject to's Standard Terms and Conditions for Advertising.


Scheduling changes
- New target URLs, and/or new graphics should be submitted at least four (4) working days prior to the advertisement start date.
- All advertisements will be reviewed by and are subject to approval by before placement on-site. We reserve the right to reject any Insertion Order, graphic, text description or URL.
Please note that does not advertise liquor, tobacco products, gambling, and materials, products and services related to pornography.


Advertising Banner Specifications
- Standard Banner and Accepted File Formats - GIF, GIF89a
- 468 X 45 pixels and 350 X 50 pixels. The total file size must be under 12k and 8k respectively.
- Banner Submission Process - Advertiser signs and submits an Insertion Order with Standard Terms and Conditions sheet.

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