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PC Soultion

Fundamental|PC Common Problem|Computer Won't Start|Full Name Computer Terms

Full Name In Computer Terms :


A/D = Analog to Digital

A/V = Audio/Visual

AAC = Advanced Audio Coding

AARP = AppleTalk Address Resolution Protocol

ABBH = Average Bouncing Busy Hour

ABC = Atanasoff-Berry Computer

ABEND = Abnormal End

AC = Alternating Current

ACD = Automatic Call Distributor

ACeS = Asia Cellular Satellite System

ACK = Acknowledge Character

ACL = Access Control List

ACM = Association for Computing Machinery

ACPI = Advanced Configuration and Power Interface

ACTA = America's Carriers Telecommunications Association

ACU = Automatic Calling Unit

ADB = Apple Desktop Bus

ADCCP = Advanced Data Communications Control Protocol

ADO = ActiveX Data Objects

ADP = Automatic Data Processing

ADPCM = Adaptive Differential Pulse Code Modulation

ADS = Alternate Data Streams

ADSL = Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line

ADVEIS = Anti-Virus Dependent Vulnerabilities in E-mail Infrastructure Security

AES = Asynchronous Event Scheduler

AFAIK = As Far As I Know

AGP = Accelerated Graphics Port

AH = Authentication Header

AI = Artificial Intelligence

AIFF and AIFF-C = Audio Interchange File Format

AIML = Astronomical Instrument Markup Language

AIX = Advanced Interactive Executive

ALGOL = Algorithmic Language

ALU = Arithmetic (and) Logic Unit

AMANDA = Advanced Maryland Automatic Network Disk Archiver

AMD = Advanced Micro Devices

AML = Astronomy Markup Language

AMP = Advanced Metal Powder

AMPS = Advanced Mobile Phone System

AMS = American Mobile Satellite Corporation

AN = Active Network

ANSA = Adaptive Network Security Alliance

ANSI = American National Standards Institute

AOL = America Online

APA = All Points Addressable

API = Application Program(ming) Interface

APM = Advanced Power Management

APP = Application Portability Profile

APWG = Anti-Phishing Working Group

ARLL = Advanced Run Length Limited

ARM = Advanced (Acorn) RISC Machine

ARM = Advanced RISC Machines Ltd

ARP = Address Resolution Protocol

ARPA = Advanced Research Projects Agency

ARQ = Automatic Repeat Request

ASAP = Activate Secure Authentication Protocol

ASAP = As Soon As Possible

ASCII = American Standard Code for Information Interchange

ASF = ActiveMovie Streaming Format

ASIC = Application-Specific Integrated Circuit

ASP = Active Server Pages

ASP = Application Service Provider

ASP = Association of Shareware Professionals

AT = Attention

ATA = AT Attachment

ATL = Active (ActiveX) Template Library

ATM = Asynchronous Transfer Mode

AUI = Attachment Unit Interface

AVI = Audio/Video Interleaved format

AWHFY = Are We Having Fun Yet

AWT = Abstract Windows Toolkit

B-ISDN = Broadband-Integrated Services Digital Network

B2B = Business-to-Business

BAPI = Business Application Programming Interface

Baseband = A computer networking techinque

BASIC = Beginners All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code

BAT = Bandwidth Allocation Technology

BBS = Bulletin Board System

BCC = Blind Carbon Copy

BCC = Block Check Character

BCD = Binary Coded Decimal

BDP = Bandwidth-delay Product


BeOS = Be, Inc. Operating System

BG = Big Grin

BGA = Ball-grid Array

BGP = Border Gateway Protocol

BICMOS = Bipolar Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor

Biometrics = Science of using one or more bodily characteristics

BIOS = Basic Input/Output System

Bistable Display = A stable display when power is off.

bit = Binary Digit

BITNET = Because Its Time Network

BLOB = Binary Large Object

Bluetooth = A short-range wireless technology

BNC = Bayonet Neill Concelman

BOOTP = BOOTstrap Protocol

Botnet = A network of remote-controlled zombie computers.

BPEL = Business Process Execution Language

BPL = Bits Per Line

BPP = Bits Per Pixel

BPS = Bits Per Second

BRI = Basic-Rate Interface

BSC = Base Station Controller

BSD = Berkeley Software (System) Distribution (Design)

BSML = Biosequence Markup Language

BSWD = BellSouth Intelligent Wireless Data Network

BTW = By The Way

CA = Certificate Authority

CAD = Computer-Aided Design

CAE = Computer-Aided Engineering

CASE = Computer-Aided Software Engineering

CAV = Constant Angular Velocity

CBT = Computer-Based Training

CCD = Charge-Coupled Device

CCI = Common Content Inspection

CCITT = Consultative Committee for International Telephony and Telegraphy

CD = Carrier Detect

cDc = Cult of the Dead Cow

CDDI = Copper Data Distribution Interface

CDF = Channel Definition Format

CDFS = Compact Disk File System

CDI = Common Data Interface

CD-I = Compact Disc-Interactive

CDIF = CASE Definition Interchange Facility

CDMA = Code Division Multiple Access

CDPD = Cellular Digital Packet Data

CD-PROM = Compact Disc-Programmable Read Only Memory

CD-R = Compact Disc-Recordable

CDRAM = Cached Dynamic Random Access Memory

CD-ROM = Compact Disc, Read Only Memory

CD-RW = Compact Disc-Rewritable

CERN = Conseil Europeen pour le Recherche Nucleaire

CERT = Character Error Rate Testing

CERT = The CERT Coordination Center

CFI = Common Flash Interface

CGA = Color Graphics Adapter

CGI = Common Gateway Interface

CGM = Computer Graphics Metafile

CHAP = Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol

CHRP = Common Hardware Reference Platform

CIDR = Classless Inter-Domain Routing

CIE Color Model = Commission Internationale de l'Eclairage Color Model

CIFF = Camera Image File Format

CIR = Committed Information Rate

CISC = Complex Instruction-Set Computing

CISC = Creative Integrated Solutions Consortium, LLC

CIX = Commercial Internet Exchange Association

CLEC = Competitive Local Exchange Carriers

CLV = Constant Linear Velocity

CME = Common Malware Enumeration

CMIP = Common Management Information Protocol

CML = Chemical Markup Language

CMMI = Capability Maturity Model Integration

CMOS = Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor

CMS = Color Management System

CMTS = Cable Modem Termination System

CMYK = Cyan Magenta Yellow Black (Key)

CNG = Calling tone

COBOL = Common Business Oriented Language

CODASYL = Conference on Data Systems Languages

CODEC = Compression/Decompression

COM = Component Object Model

COMDEX = Communications and Data processing Exposition

Connector = Termination on the end of a cable

CORBA = Common Object Request Broker Architecture

CP/M = Control Program for Microprocessors (Control Program/Monitor)

CPE = Customer Premises Equipment

cps = Characters Per Second

CPU = Central Processing Unit

CR = Carriage Return


CRAM = Computational RAM

CRC = Cyclic Redundancy Check (Code)

CRM = Customer Relationship Management

CRT = Cathode-Ray Tube

CSDGM = Content Standard for Digital Geospatial Metadata

CSMA/CA = Carrier Sense Multiple Access/Collision Avoidance

CSMA/CD = Carrier Sense Multiple Access/Collision Detection

CSS = Cascading Style Sheets

CSTN = Color Supertwist Nematic

CSU = Channel Service Unit

CSV = Comma-Separated Value (Variable)

CTI = Computer-Telephony Integration

CTP = Community Technical Preview

CTR = Click-Through Ratio

CUA = Common User Access

Cuckoo Egg = A munged copy of what appears to be copyright-protected material.

CU-SeeMe = (Cornell University)-SeeMe

CWM = Common Warehouse Metadata

CWR = Congestion Window Reduced

CYA = Cover Your ___ (Rear)

Cyberloafing = Doing non-work activities at work on a computer.

CYBORG = Cybernetic Organism

CYMK = Cyan Yellow Magenta Black (Key)

DAC = Digital-to-Analog Converter

DAFS = Direct Access File System

DAFS = Document Attribute Format Specification

DAO = Data Access Objects

DAO = Disk At Once

DASD = Direct Access Storage Device

DAT = Digital Audio Tape

DB = Database

DB2 = Database 2

DBMS = Database Management System

DCC = Direct Cable Connection

DCE = Data Communications Equipment

DCF = Design Rule for Camera File Systems

DCI = Display Control Interface

DDE = Dynamic Data Exchange

DDI = Direct Draw Interface

DDR SDRAM = Double Data Rate-Synchronous DRAM

DDS = Digital Data Storage

DEBI = DMA Extended Bus Interface

DEC = Digital Equipment Corporation

DES = Data Encryption Standard

DFM = Design for Manufacturing

DHCP = Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol

DID = Direct Inward Dialing

DIF = Data Interchange Format

DIF = Directory Interchange Format

Digital Certificate = A form of secure identification

DIMM = Dual In-Line Memory Module

DIN = Deutsches Institut für Normung

DINOR = Divided bit-line NOR

DIP = Dual In-line Package

Disintermediation = Remove the middleman

Divx = Digital video express

DIZ = Description in ZIP

DLC = Data Link Control

DLL = Dynamic Link Library

DLP = Digital Light Processing

DLT = Digital Linear Tape

DMA = Direct Memory Access

DMCA = Digital Millennium Copyright Act

DMG = Data Mining Group

DMI = Desktop Management Interface

DNS = Domain Name Service (System)

DOCSIS/MCNS = Data Over Cable Services and Interface Specifications for Multimedia Cable Network Systems

DOM = Document Object Model

Donder vs Donner = That's right Santa's reindeer

DoS = Denial-of-Service

DOS = Disk Operating System

Dot-matrix Printer = A printer that uses impact of pins against a ribbon

dpi = Dots Per Inch

DPMI = DOS Protected Mode Interface

DRAM = Dynamic Random Access Memory

DSL = Digital Subscriber Line

DSLAM = Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer (Module)

DSOM = Distributed System Object Model

DSP = Digital Signal Processor

DSR = Data Set Ready

DSTN = Double-layer Supertwist Nematic

DSU = Data Service Unit

DSVD = Digital Simultaneous Voice and Data

DTD = Document Type Definition

DTE = Data Termination (Terminal) Equipment

DUN = Dial-Up Networking

DVD = Digital Versatile (Video) Disc

DVD+RW = Digital Versatile (Video) Disc + Read/Write

DVD-RAM = Digital Versatile (Video) Disc - Random Access Memory

DVD-ROM = Digital Versatile (Video) Disc - Read Only Memory

DVI = Digital Video Interactive

DWDM = Dense Wave Division Multiplexing

DXF = Data Exchange File (Format)

EAP = Extensible Authentication Protocol

EBCDIC = Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code

ECC = Error Correction Code (Error Checking and Correction)

ECN = Explicit Congestion Notification

EDGE = Enhanced Data Rates for Global Evolution

EDI = Electronic Data Interchange

EDLC = Electrochemical Double-layer Capacitor

EDO RAM = Extended Data-Out Random Access Memory

EDP = Electronic Data Processing

EDRAM = Enhanced Dynamic Random Access Memory

EEMS = Enhanced Expanded Memory Specification

EEPROM = Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory

EFT = Electronic Funds Transfer

EGA = Enhanced Graphics Adapter

EIA = Electronic Industries Alliance (Association)

EIDE = Enhanced Integrated Device (or Intelligent Drive) Electronics

EISA = Extended Industry Standard Architecture

ELD = Electroluminescent Display

ELF = Extremely Low Frequency

EMM = Expanded Memory Manager

EMS = Expanded Memory Specification

EOF = End Of File

EPP = Enhanced Parallel Port

EPROM = Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory

EPS = Encapsulated PostScript

ERP = Enterprise Resource Planning

ESC = Escape Character

ESCD = Extended System Configuration Data

ESDI = Enhanced System Device Interface

ESP = Encapsulating Security Payload

ESP = Eudora Sharing Protocol

etard = A stupid user

ETOX = EPROM Tunnel Oxide

EULA = End User License Agreement

EWAN = Emulator Without A Name

Exif = Exchangeable Image File

FAHQT = Fully Automatic High-Quality Translation

FAMOS = Floating Gate Avalanche MOS

FAQ = Frequently Asked Questions

FAT = File Allocation Table

FBGA = Fine-pitch Ball-grid Array

FCB = File Control Block

FCC = File Carbon Copy

FDD = Floppy Disk Drive

FDDI = Fiber Distributed Data Interface

FDHD = Floppy Drive, High Density

FDM = Frequency Division Multiplexing

FF = Form Feed

FFS = Flash File System

Fiber Optics = Optical information carried over a fiber

FIF = Fractal Image Format

FIFO = First In, First Out

FLOPS = Floating-point Operations per Second

Fortran = Formula Translator

FPM RAM = Fast Page Mode RAM

FPU = Floating-Point Unit

FR = Frame Relay

FRAD = Frame Relay Assembler/Disassembler

FRAM = Ferroelectric RAM

FSK = Frequency Shift Keying

FSP = File Service Protocol

FTP = File Transfer Protocol

FWIW = For What It's Worth

FYI = For Your Information

GbE = Gigabit Ethernet

GDI = Graphics Device Interface

GIF = Graphical Interchange Format

GIGO = Garbage In, Garbage Out

GIMP = General (GNU) Image Manipulation Program

GIS = Geographic Information System

GM = General MIDI

GMT = Greenwich Mean Time


GPF = General Protection Fault

GPRS = General Packet Radio Service

GPS = Global Positioning Satellite (System)

grep = Globally search for the Regular Expression and Print (Generalized Regular Expression Pattern-Matcher)

GRiNS = Graphical Interface to SMIL

GSM = Global System for Mobiles

GUI = Graphical User Interface

GUID = Globally Unique Identifier

HAL = Hardware Abstraction Layer

HD = High Density

HDD = Hard Disk Drive

HDLC = High-level Data Link Control

HDML = Handheld Device Markup Language

HDR = High Data Rate

HDTV = High-Definition Television

HFS = Hierarchical Filing System

HMA = High Memory Area

HMD = Head-Mounted Display

HP = Hewlett-Packard

HP-GL = Hewlett-Packard Graphics Language

HPAS = Hypermedia Presentation and Authoring System

HPFS = High Performance File System

HSL = Hypermedia Synchronization Language

HSM = Hierarchical Storage Management

HTML = Hypertext Markup Language

HTTP = Hypertext Transfer Protocol

HTTPD = Hypertext Transfer Protocol Daemon (Server)

I/O = Input/Output

IAB = Internet Architecture Board

IAC = Internet Access Coalition

IAD = Integrated Access Device

IAHC = Internet International Ad Hoc Committee

IANA = Internet Assigned Numbers Authority

IANAL = I Am Not A Lawyer

IAS = Internet Authentication Service

IBM = International Business Machines

IBM 1401 = Second-generation IBM mainframe

IBM 650 = First successful IBM mainframe

ICA = Independent Computing Architecture

ICANN = The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers

ICMP = Internet Control Message Protocol

Icon = A form of on-screen graphic

ICQ = [No specific expansion]

IDE = Intelligent (Integrated) Drive Electronics

IDEA = International Data Encryption Algorithm

IDSL = ISDN Digital Subscriber Line

IEEE = Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

IETF = Internet Engineering Task Force

IGES = Initial Graphics Exchange Specification

IGMP = Internet Group Management Protocol

IIM = Internet Interaction Management

IIOP = Internet Inter-ORB Protocol

IIS = Internet Information Server

IMAP = Internet Message Access Protocol

IMHO = In My Humble Opinion

Impact Printer = Uses a character image to press against a ribbon

Incremental Backup = A backup of only files that have changed

Indent = A movement inward from the left or right margin

Index = A pointer to data

Input = Method of getting data into a computer

Insert Mode = Entered text pushes existing to the right

Integer = Number with no decimal places

Intel 80x Processors = Description of early Intel CPUs

Interleave Factor = Number of sectors skipped between write operations

InterNIC = Internet Network Information Center

Interpreter = A form of program used to run other programs

Interrupt = Signal that stops some operation

IOS = Input Output System

IP = Internet Protocol

IPSec = Internet Protocol Security

IPTV = Internet Protocol Television

IPX = Internetwork Packet Exchange

IRC = Internet Relay Chat

IrDA = Infrared Data Association

IRQ = Interrupt Request

ISA = Industry Standard Architecture

ISAM = Indexed Sequential Access Method

ISAPI = Internet Server API

ISDN = Integrated Services Digital Network

ISO = International Organization for Standardization

ISP = Internet Service Provider

ITU = International Telecommunications Union

IX = Internet Exchange

JBIG = Joint Bi-level Image Experts Group

JCL = Job Control Language

JDBC = Java Database Connectivity

JDK = Java Developers (Development) Kit

JEIDA = Japan Electronic Industry Development Association

JFIF = JPEG File Interchange Format

Joe Job = Use of a fake return address in a spam message

JOVIAL = Jules' Own Version of the International Algebraic Language

JPEG = Joint Photographic Experts Group

Jump Line = A continuation link for split articles

kb = Kilobit

KB = Kilobyte

Kbps = Kilobits per second

Kernal = Core portion of an operating system

Keychord = Combination of two or more keys pressed at the same time

L2TP = Layer Two Tunneling Protocol

LAN = Local Area Network

Laser Printer = Output device that uses a laser to form the output

LAWN = Local-Area Wireless Network

LBA = Logical Block Addressing

LBV = Layered Biometric Verification

LCD = Liquid-Crystal Display

LDAP = Lightweight Directory Access Protocol

Leading = Space between lines of type

LED = Light Emitting Diode

LEP = Light Emitting Polymers

LGMR = Laser Guided Magnetic Recording

Li-ion = Lithium Ion

LIFO = Last In, First Out

Ligature = Two or more letters printed as one

LILO = Linux Loader

LIM = Lifeline Interface Module

LIM = Lotus-Intel-Microsoft

Line Art = Drawing with no halftones

Link = A connection of some sort

LMB = Left Mouse Button

LoD = Legion of Doom

Log On/Off = Process used to gain access

LPM = Lifeline Port Module

lpm = Lines Per Minute

LPT = Local Printer Terminal

LTO = Linear Tape Open

LZW = Lempel-Zif-Welsh

Machine Language = Binary commands used by the computer hardware

Macro = Stored list of commands

MAE = Metropolitan Area Exchange (Ethernet)

Mail Merge = Combination of a database and document

MAN = Metropolitan Area Network

MAPI = Messaging Application Programming Interface

Mapping = Way of converting encoded data

MARS = Multi-player Animated Role-playing System

Mashup = Web site or application developed from combinations of content.

Mask = A pattern or outline

MathML = Mathematical Markup Language

MAU = Media (Multistation) Access Unit

MAU = Multistation Access Unit

Mb = Megabit

MB = Megabyte

Mbps = Megabits per second

MBR = Master Boot Record

MCA = Micro Channel Architecture

MCGA = Multi-Color Graphics Array

MCI = Media Control Interface

MDA = Monochrome Display Adapter

MDC = Metadata Coalition

MDI = Multiple Document Interface

MDIS = Metadata Interchange Specification

MEMS = MicroElectro-Mechanical System

MFLOPS = Millions of Floating Point Operations per Second

MFM = Modified Frequency Modulation

MIB = Management Information Base

MICR = Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (Reader)

MIDI = Musical Instrument Digital Interface

MIF = Management Information Format

MILNET = Military Network

MIME = Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension

MIPS = Millions of Instructions Per Second

MIS = Management Information System (or Services)

MLC = Multilevel Cell

MMDS = Multichannel Multipoint Distribution System

MMU = Memory Management Unit

MMX = Matrix Math Extensions (Multimedia Extensions)

MNG = Multiple-image Network Graphics

MNP = Microcom Networking Protocol

MODEM = Modulator/Demodulator

Modular Programming = Small elements of a larger whole

MOF = Meta Object Facility

MOO = Mud, Object Oriented

MOS = Metal Oxide Semiconductor

MOSFET = Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor

MOSIS = MOS Implementation System

MOSS = Mime Object Security Services

MP3 = MPEG layer 3

MPC = Matchbox PC

MPC = Multimedia Personal Computer

MPEG = Motion Picture Experts Group

MPI = Message Passing Interface

MRC = Magneto-Resistive Cluster

MS-DOS = Microsoft Disk Operating System

MSN = Microsoft Network

MTA = Media Terminal Adapter

MTBF = Mean Time Between Failure

MTU = Maximum Transmission Unit

MUD = Multiple User (or Multi-User) Dungeon (Dimension)

Multiplex or Multiplexing = Combination of two or more channels into one

MUSH = Multi-User Shared Hallucination

MVS = Multiple Virtual Storage

NAP = Network Access Point

NAS = Network-Attached Storage

NAT = Network Address Translation

NCSA = National Center for Supercomputing Applications

NDIS = Network Driver Interface Specification

NDMP = Network Data Management Protocol

NDS = Novell Directory Services

NetBEUI = Network BIOS Extended User Interface

NetBIOS = Network Basic Input Output System

NFBSK = Not For British School Kids

NFS = Network File System

NGI = Next Generation Internet

NIC = Network Interface Card

NiMH = Nickel Metal Hydride

NNTP = Network News Transfer Protocol

NOP = No Operation

NOS = Network Operating System

NSAPI = Netscape Server API

NSF = National Science Foundation

NSFnet = National Science Foundation network

NSP = Network Service Provider

NTFS = NT File System

NTSC = National Television Standards Committee

NUMA = Non-Uniform Memory Access

NURBS = Non-Uniform Rational B-Spline

NVRAM = Non-Volatile RAM

OC = Optical Carrier

OCR = Optical Character Recognition

OCX = OLE Custom Control

ODBC = Open Database Connectivity

ODI = Open Data-link Interface

OEM = Original Equipment Manufacturer

OIM = Open Information Model

OLAP = Online Analytical Processing

OLE = Object Linking and Embedding

OLED = Organic Light-Emitting Diode

OLTP = On-Line Transaction Processing

OMG = Object Management Group

OOP = Object-Oriented Programming

OpenSRS = Open Shared Registration System

OPSEC Alliance = Open Platform for Secure Enterprise Connectivity Alliance

OSF = Open Software Foundation

OSI = Open System Interconnection

OSPF = Open Shortest Path First

OSR = OEM System Release

OTOH = On The Other Hand

P-SRAM = Pseudo-Static RAM

P3P = Platform for Privacy Preferences

PAD = Portable Application Description

PAL = Phase Alternating Line

PAL = Programmable Array Logic

PAN = Personal Area Network

PAP = Password Authentication Protocol

PB SRAM = Pipelined Burst Static RAM

PBX = Private Branch Exchange

PC = Personal Computer

PC/TV = Personal Computer and Television

PCB = Printed Circuit Board

PCI = Peripheral Component Interface

PCL = Printer Control Language

PCM = Pulse Code Modulation

PCMCIA = Personal Computer Memory Card International Association

PCS = Personal Communications System

PDA = Personal Digital Assistant

PDC = Primary Domain Controller

PDF = Portable Document Format

PDL = Page Description Language

PE = Portable Executable

Perl = Practical Extraction and Report Language

PFR = Portable Font Resource

PGA = Pad Grid Array

PGA = Pin Grid Array

PGA = Professional Graphic Adapter

PGM = Pragmatic General Multicast (was Pretty Good Multicast)

PGP = Pretty Good Privacy

Pharming = Redirection of a User to Bogus Websites

PHB = Photochemical Hole Burning

Phishing = Social Engineering for Stealing Information

PHP = PHP Hypertext Preprocessor (Personal Home Page)

PIC = Programmable Interrupt Controller

PICNIC = Problem In Chair, Not In Computer

PIF = Program Information File

PIM = Personal Information Manager

PIN = Personal Identification Number

Pine = Pine Is Not Elm (or Program for Internet News and E-mail)

PING = Packet Internet Groper

PIO = Programmed Input Output

PIP = Peripheral Interchange Program

PISO = Parallel-In/Serial-Out

PITA = Pain In The A__ (Rear)

PJTF = Portable Job Ticket Format

PKI = Public Key Infrastructure

PLA = Programmable Logic Array

PLD = Programmable Logic Device

PMML = Predictive Modeling Markup Language

PMS = Pantone Matching System

PMT = Photomultiplier Tube

PNG = Portable Network Graphics

PnP = Plug and Play

Pod Slurping = Use of the iPod to steal data

POP = Post Office Protocol

Port Knocking = Pinging a combination of ports before entry is allowed.

POS = Pivoting Optical Servo

POSIX = Portable Operating System Interface for UNIX

POST = Power On Self Test

POTS = Plain Old Telephone Service

PPCP = PowerPC Platform

ppm = Pages Per Minute

PPP = Point-to-Point Protocol

PPPTP = Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol

PQDIF = Power Quality Data Interchange Format

PRAM = Parameter RAM

PRI = Primary-Rate Interface

PRL = Packetized Residential Lifeline

PROM = Programmable Read-Only Memory

PSTN = Public Switched Telephone Network

PTH = Plated Through-Hole

PUP = Potentially Unwanted Program

PURL = Persistent URL

PVC = Permanent Virtual Circuit

PWB = Printed Wire Board

QBE = Query By Example

QCELP = QualComm Code Excited Linear Predictive Coding

QCIF = Quarter Common Intermediate Format

QIC = Quarter-Inch Cartridge

QoS = Quality of Service

QSIG = Q (point of the ISDN model) Signaling

Query = A structured database statement


RADIUS = Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service

RADSL = Rate-Adaptive Digital Subscriber Line

RAID = Redundant Array of Independent (or Inexpensive) Disks

RAM = Random Access Memory

RAMDAC = Random Access Memory Digital-to-Analog Converter

RARP = Reverse Address Resolution Protocol

RAS = Remote Access Services

RC4 = RC4 Stream Cipher (Rivest Cipher 4 or Ron's Code)

RDBMS = Relational Database Management System

RDF = Resource Description Framework


Registry = A guide to Windows registry information

RFC = Request for Comments

RFI = Radio Frequency Interference

RFID = Radio Frequency Identification

RFP = Request for Proposal

RGB = Red Green Blue

RIP = Raster Image Processor

RIP = Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000

RISC = Reduced Instruction-Set Computing

RJ-11 & RJ-45 = Registered Jack-11 & Registered Jack-45

RLL = Run Length Limited

RMB = Right Mouse Button

RMON = Remote Monitoring

RMTP = Reliable Multicast Transport Protocol

ROFL = Rolling On Floor, Laughing

ROM = Read-Only Memory

RPG = Report Program Generator

RPG = Role-Playing Game

rpm = Revolutions per Minute

RSN = Real Soon Now

RSVP = Resource Reservation Setup Protocol

RTF = Rich Text Format

RTFM = Read The F___ing Manual

RTSP = Realtime Streaming Protocol

RTT = Round-trip Time

S-HTTP = Secure HTTP

S/MIME = Secure/MIME

SAA = System Application Architecture

SAN = Storage Area Network

SAP = SAP America, Inc. (SAP AG)

SAP = Secondary Audio Program

SAP = Service Advertising Protocol

SAS = Serial Attached SCSI

SBB = Storage Bridge Bay Working Group

SCAM = SCSI Configuration Automatically

SCART = Syndicat des Constructeurs d'Appareils Radiorécepteurs et Téléviseurs

Script Kiddie = A shameful description of someone who was not smart enough to build malware from scratch.

SCSI = Small Computer System Interface

SDH = Synchronous Digital Hierarchy

SDK = Software Development Kit

SDRAM = Synchronous Dynamic RAM

SDSL = Symmetric Digital Subscriber Line

SET = Secure Electronic Transaction

SFF = Small Form-Factor

SGI = Silicon Graphics Incorporated

SGML = Standard Generalized Markup Language

SGRAM = Synchronous Graphic RAM

SIG = Special Interest Group

SIMD = Single Instruction Multiple Data

SIMM = Single In-line Memory Module

SIP = Single In-line Package


SLED = Single Large Expensive Disk

SLIP = Serial Line Internet Protocol

SMART = Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology

SMB = Server Message Block

SMDS = Switched Multimegabit Data Services

SMIF = Stream-based Model Interchange Format

SMIL = Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language

SMP = Simple Management Protocol

SMP = Symmetric Multiprocessing

SMS = Systems Management Server

SMTP = Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

SNA = Systems Network Architecture

SNMP = Simple Network Management Protocol

SOAP = Simple Object Access Protocol

SOC = System-on-a-Chip

SOHO = Small Office/Home Office

SONET = Synchronous Optical Network

SPARC = Scalable Processor Architecture

SPE = Superparamagnetic Effect

SPEC = Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation

SPID = Service Profile (Provider) Identification

SPIM = Spam Over Instant Messaging

SPX = Sequenced Packet Exchange

SQL = Structured Query Language

SRAM = Static Random Access Memory

SSD = Solid-state Disk

SSI = Server-Side Include

SSL = Secure Sockets Layer

SSL Trojan = Money-stealing Trojan that attacks banking sites.

SSSCA = Security Systems Standards and Certification Act

ST506/412 = Seagate Technologies 506 and 412 Controller

SVC = Switched Virtual Circuit

SVG = Scalable Vector Graphics

SVGA = Super Video Graphics Array

SWISH = Simple Web Indexing System for Humans

SYN = Synchronize sequence Number

SYSOP = System Operator

T1 = T-One

T3 = T-Three

TA = Terminal Adapter

TANSTAAFL = There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch

TAPI = Telephony Application Programming Interface

TCP/IP = Transmission (Transport) Control Protocol/Internet Protocol

TDM = Time Division Multiplexing

TDMA = Time Division Multiple Access

TFT = Thin Film Transistor

TFTP = Trivial File Transfer Protocol

TIA = Thanks In Advance

TIFF = Tagged Image File Format

TIGA = Texas Instruments Graphics Architecture

TLD = Top-Level Domain

TOPS = Transparent Operating System

tpi = Tracks Per Inch

TRAM = Transactional RAM

TSAPI = Telephony Service API

TSR = Terminate-and-Stay-Resident

TTF = True Type Font

TTL = Transistor-Transistor Logic

TWAIN = [No present expansion]

TWIP = Twentieth of a Point

UAC = User Account Control

UART = Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter

UCITA = Uniform Computer Information Transaction Act

UDDI = Universal Description, Discovery and Integration

UDP = UDP - User Datagram Protocol

UIN = Universal Internet Number

ULSI = Ultra Large Scale Integration

UltraATA = Ultra AT Attachment

UltraDMA = Ultra Direct Memory Access

UMB = Upper Memory Block

UML = Unified Modeling Language

UNC = Universal Naming Convention

UNIX = niversal Interactive eXecutive

UPS = Uninterruptible Power Supply

URI = Uniform Resource Indicator

URL = Uniform Resource Locator

USB = Universal Serial Bus

USENET = User Network

USR = U.S. Robotics

UTP = Unshielded Twisted Pair



VAR = Value-Added Reseller

VAX = Virtual Address Extension

VBE = Vesa Bios Extension

vBNS = very high-speed Backbone Network Service

VCM SDRAM = Virtual-Channel Memory SDRAM

VCPI = Virtual Control Program Interface

VCSEL = Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Laser

VDSL = Very High Bit Rate DSL

VDT = Video Display Terminal

VERONICA = Very Easy Rodent-Oriented Networkwide Index to Computerized Archives

VESA = Video Electronics Standards Association

VFAT = Virtual File Allocation Table

VFW = Video For Windows

VGA = Video Graphics Array (Adapter)

VLAN = Virtual LAN

VLB = VESA Local Bus (or VL Bus)

VME bus = VersaModule Eurocard bus

VMS = Virtual Memory System

VoB = Voice over Broadband

VoDSL = Voice over Digital Subscriber Line

VoIP = Voice Over IP

VPN = Virtual Private Network

VR = Virtual Reality

VRAM = Video Random Access Memory

VRM = Voltage Regulator Module

VRML = Virtual Reality Modeling Language

VRU = Virus Research Unit

VSA = Virtual Storage Architecture

VTAM = Virtual Telecommunications Access Method

VTC = Virus Test Center

W3C = World Wide Web Consortium

WAFS = Wide-area File Sharing

WAI = Web Accessibility Initiative

WAIS = Wide-Area Information Server

WAN = Wide Area Network

WAP = Wireless Application (Access) Protocol

WATS = Web-based Assessment and Testing Systems

WATS = Wide Area Telecommunications System

WCS = World Coordinate System

WDM = Wavelength Division Multiplexing

WebCGM = Web Computer Graphics Metafile

Webinar = Web-based sponsored educational seminar

WEP = Wireless Equivalent Privacy

WFW = Windows For Workgroups

WIAD = Wireless Integrated Access Device

WIMP = Windows, Icons, Menus and Pointing Device

WinCE = Windows CE

WINS = Windows Internet Name Service

WINSOCK = Windows Socket

WINTEL = Windows/Intel

WIT = ireless Information Terminal

WLAN = Wireless Local Area Network

WLANA = Wireless LAN Association (Alliance)

WMF = Windows Meta File

WML = Wireless Markup Language

WNIU = Wireless Network Interface Unit

WORM = Write Once Read Many

WOSA = Windows Open Services Architecture

WP = WordPerfect

WPA = Windows Product Activation

WRAM = Windows Random Access Memory

WSDL = Web Services Description Language

WWW = World-Wide Web

WYSIWYG = What You See Is What You Get

WYSIWYP = What You See Is What You Print

xDSL = x Digital Subscriber Line

XGA = Extended Graphics Array (Adapter)

XMI = XML Metadata Interchange

XML = Extensible Markup Language

XMLC = Extensible Markup Language Compiler

XMS = Extended Memory Specification

XPS = XML Paper Specification

XSL = Extensible Style Language

XT = Extended

XTA = XT Attachment

XUL = XML-based User Interface Language

Y2K = Year 2000

YAHOO = Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle

YTD = Year To Date

ZAW = Zero Administration for Windows

ZCAV = Zoned Constant Angular Velocity

ZD = Ziff-Davis

ZDI = Zero Day Initiative

Zero Day Attack = Disclosure of a vulnerability before notifying a concerned producer

ZIF = Zero Insertion Force

ZV = Zoomed Video Port


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